Style is what ever you made it to be.

Fashion is a popular aesthetic expression at a particular time, place and in a specific context, especially in clothingfootwearlifestyleaccessoriesmakeuphairstyle, and body proportions. Whereas a trend often connotes a peculiar aesthetic expression and often lasting shorter than a season, fashion is a distinctive and industry-supported expression traditionally tied to the fashion season and collections. Style is an expression that lasts over many seasons and is often connected to cultural movements and social markers, symbols, class, and culture (ex. BaroqueRococo, etc.). According to sociologist Pierre Bourdieu, fashion connotes “the latest fashion, the latest difference.

Even though they are often used together, the term fashion differs from clothes and costumes, where the first describes the material and technical garment, whereas the second has been relegated to special senses like fancy-dress or masquerade wear. Fashion instead describes the social and temporal system that “activates” dress as a social signifier in a certain time and context. Philosopher Giorgio Agamben connects fashion to the current intensity of the qualitative moment, to the temporal aspect the Greek called kairos, whereas clothes belong to the quantitative, to what the Greek called Chronos.

Exclusive brands aspire for the label haute couture, but the term is technically limited to members of the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture in Paris. It is more aspirational and inspired by art, culture and movement. It is extremely exclusive in nature.

With increasing mass-production of consumer commodities at Lower prices, and with global reach, sustainability has become an urgent issue amongst politicians, brands,and consumers.

we love fashion and it has help to shape us all into our personality, fashon also can define who we are or what we have become.

This are some of the trending fashion stylish we have right now, a lot celebrities are dressing this way. and i know u will also love it.